Power Design

The design of an electrical distribution system is a core element of our projects. Our goal is to determine the proper system that will fit the requirements of each building. This benefits the end user by having an energy efficient building that meets their needs. Our power design includes:
- Utility power coordination - Clean power for technology including UPS, TVSS - Stand-by emergency power systems - 15KV primary power distribution - Fault current calculations - Device coordination studies - Power factor correction - Alternative energy

Lighting Design

As members of the Illuminating Engineering Society, we keep up to date with the latest advances in the lighting industry. Lighting is an important part of our design, and with our unique designs, we create warm and inviting interior atmospheres to support the architectural aesthetics of each project. Lighting environments include:
- Educational Classrooms - Library and Media Centers - Lighting for Places of Worship - Retail/Hospitality - Sports Lighting - Site Lighting Photometrics - Historical Restoration Lighting - Commercial and Industrial Lighting - Lighting Control Systems

Mechanical Design

In addition to electrical engineering, ETS Engineering provides mechanical engineering services on a subcontracted basis through relationships we have developed with several accomplished mechanical engineering firms. Each of the mechanical engineering firms we work with has over 20 years of experience and brings to the table extensive knowledge of mechanical design. Systems include:
- Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning - Plumbing - Process cooling - Energy saving temperature control systems

LEED Certification

Our engineering staff is experienced in providing a LEED accredited innovated design to fit your needs. Our past experience includes documentation for LEED tax credits, as well as the innovative design for lighting controls using daylight sensors, motion detectors and lighting control systems, as well as energy saving light fixture specifications and design.